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Robert Stephenson's Work Overseas

1824    His first engagement to work abroad was with the firm of Graham, Herring and Powles who were behind the development of silver mines in South America.  Largely as a result of submitting a very well received report on his earlier visit to mines in Cornwall Robert was placed in charge of an expedition to Colombia sailing on 18 th June and not returning before the end of 1827.

1839    Robert spent 3 months travelling on the European Continent, seeking orders and working as a consultant.

1843    Robert again visited the Continent and carried out further work as a consultant.

1847    He visited Norway and carried on work as a consultant there.  Later in the year, or possibly in 1848 he visited Egypt in connection with his involvement with a canal proposal to unite the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

1850    He again visited Egypt to conclude his work in connection with the canal project and had discussions with Abbas Pasha about railways.  

1851    He accepted an appointment as Engineer-in-Chief to the Egyptian Railway between Alexandria and Cairo.  Later in the year Robert travelled to Norway as Engineer-in-Charge of the Christiania (Oslo) to Miosen Lake Railway before making a further journey to Egypt to finalise plans for crossing the Nile and other principal waterways.

1853    Robert visits Canada in connection with his work as designer of the tubular girder bridge crossing the St. Lawrence River at Montreal.

1856    Robert was again in Egypt finalising affairs with the Egyptian Railway his two tubular swing bridges having been opened in the Autumn of 1855.

1858    A final journey to Egypt was made partly social and partly in connection with outstanding matters connected with the Egyptian Railway.

1859    In mid-August he again sailed for Norway where he was taken ill and arrived back in Lowestoft, a very sick man, on 13th September.