Robert Stephenson Trust
c/o The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, Neville Hall, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SE
Email: rstrust@robertstephensontrust.com

The Gazette is distributed to ‘Friends’ but some back numbers are available to purchase. Please contact the Trust for further information. Past editions of Gazette are available price £2 including P and P to UK address


Recent editions included the following articles:


Robert Stephenson and Co.  By Christopher Dean


The Significance of the Springwell Locomotive. By Victoria Haworth


Who was William Weallens. By Michael Taylor


The High Level Bridge Overbeams -A special conservation feature.  By Russell Benson


Thomas Elliot Harrison 1808 -1888. By John Addyman


John Rastrick and the Steam Locomotive. By John  Crompton


The Springwell Railway 1826. By Victoria Haworth


The High Level Bridge Refurfishment. By John Addyman


Nicholas Wood and the Stephensons. By Victoria Haworth


Robert Stephenson’s letters to Smiles.


That Flaming Lamp- the Burning Issue. By Russell Benson


Nicolas Wood’s account of the Lamp


Relative Merits of the Davey and georgie Lamps. By John Addyman


A Troubled Bridge over the Tyne (HLB). By Russell Benson


Origins of the Newcastle Berwick Railway. By John Addyman


The Forth Banks Office Complex. By Ian Smith


Too Many Rockets? By R. S. Roper


Robert Stephenson’s relations by Marriage. By R.S. Roper


The credibility of Samuel Smiles on early railway history. By Adrian Jarvis


The suggested chronology of Robert Stephenson’s  Voyages. By R. S. Roper


Empoyees of Robert Stephenson and Co. 1823- 30. By R Longridge.


Movable Bridge at Weedon. By  John Addyman


A winters Day at South Street. By I.P. Smith


What really happened on the London  extension. By John Addyman


Merger of two famous companies.


Memories of a famous locomotive works. J.H McDowell